A Vacation Wrapped in Networking

By Brandon Smith

June is the official beginning of summer. For those of us who are blind, it’s also the season of national conventions. There are two large conventions that are of most note during the summer: the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Convention, and the American Council of the Blind (ACB) Convention.

This summer, the NFB will be holding their national convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 7-12, and the ACB in Rochester, New York, July 5-12.

I have only attended one of these conventions so cannot make a comparison. However, I do have my preference when it comes to which organization philosophy I feel more closely aligned with. So as not to alienate readers, I’ll reserve that preference for private conversation.

I will say that both of these conventions give the visitor an excellent opportunity to network with other blind individuals, and learn about the latest tech gadgets. The week is packed full of exhibits, assembly meetings, and speakers who will talk on a full range of topics concerning our community. Thousands of people attend these conventions so it’s more than likely that you will leave with many new names on your contact list.

Attendees are responsible for their transportation to the convention, as well as room and board, however, many split the hotel costs to ease the financial burden.

This summer, consider a vacation that will have the added bonus of making new friends, and possibly opening doors to new opportunities.