Add “Independence” to Your Cart: Support Our Independent Living Skills Program by Shopping on Amazon

Jennifer Smith is a Certified Occupational Therapist and a Certified Living in Place Professional™ who works with Louisiana Association for the Blind’s Independent Living Skills (ILS) program. Through this extraordinary program, our clients receive practical, hands-on training in everything from cooking and cleaning to banking and medication management.

ILS instruction takes place in a unique classroom that includes a fully operational kitchen. There is also a bathroom in the space, which allows for instruction in activities like shaving and medication management.

Smith, who oversees the ILS classroom, would like to ask supporters of Louisiana Association for the Blind for their assistance in updating and improving the kitchen and bathroom areas. While the spaces are great, she says, they could both benefit from updated training equipment.

The training bathroom needs common items like an electric razor and non-slip bath mats, while low vision-friendly appliances like an induction cooktop would allow for up-to-date training in the kitchen.

Smith helped assemble this Amazon Wish List featuring all of the items that she feels would improve client outcomes in the ILS program.

Some relatively small items, like an electric razor, would give her the ability to provide better instruction in personal grooming.

“Electric shavers are a much safer alternative than a traditional razor,” Smith said. “While using this, we learn to follow certain patterns and techniques when shaving.”

Because they are cool to the touch even when powered, an induction cooktop would be invaluable for the same reason.

“This stove top is safer than any other, as it is flameless and the cook top does not get hot,” Smith said.

Smith says that oven safety is always a central component of the ILS program, and a complete set of bakeware would allow her clients to gain more hands-on experience cooking for themselves.

“Good quality cookware would really help,” Smith said. “Ours are definitely not non-stick anymore!”

If you would like to purchase one or more items for our ILS classroom, please check out our wish list on Amazon Smile.

An even easier way to support Louisiana Association for the Blind while shopping on Amazon is by shopping through Amazon Smile and designating us as your charity. Through this program, Amazon donates a small percentage of each qualifying purchase to Louisiana Association for the Blind.

Through these Amazon programs, supporters can help our ILS classroom achieve more productive outcomes while helping our clients live safer, more independent lives.