Brought to You By Your Next Power Outage…Time travel!

By Brandon Smith

It happens to all of us at one time or another. You’re sitting at your computer, or in front of the tv, and all of a sudden, the world stops. Or so it seems.

It’s that minor, or not so minor inconvenience of a power outage. After having the luxury for roughly 130 years, electricity can be something that is hard to do without for most of us; even for a few minutes. But have you ever taken a moment to really listen to the silence during a power outage? I have. I sit and imagine that this must be what life was like before the hum and drone of computers, appliances, and anything else that electricity powers. I imagine that I’m in the year, 1880 for example, and that all I have for entertainment is a hardback book, or some board game with family and/or friends.

So, in a sense, a power outage is a way of traveling back in time. Of course, being without light is no concern of mine. But, if you are in the majority, and walking around in the dark isn’t your cup of tea, candles are an option. So next time there is a power outage, make it interesting and try this little experiment.