Hot gift ideas for an accessible kitchen

By Brandon Smith

It is that time of year! Time to share the love by giving that special someone, something special that will make their life better in some way.

When it comes to blind chefs—yes there are such people—accessibility in the kitchen is the key to preparing a great meal. I’ve found a few gadgets that will make any chef with a visual impairment smile.

Presto Electric Fry Pan:

This device is described as an accessible option for basic frying. It does not deep fry foods. Dishwasher safe, and nonstick, with tactile markings and braille labeling for temperature settings, this fry pan sounds like the perfect gift for that person who enjoys making burgers and steaks.

Collapsible Colander – Over the Sink:

Blind Mice Mart is specifically geared towards the visually impaired who enjoy cooking. The collapsible colander sounds great for draining pasta or potatoes. Trust me, maneuvering a full pot of boiling water is no fun task. Avoid the burn!

Talking Kitchen Scale:

Last, but certainly not least is the kitchen talking scale from Maxi Aids. The description says that it can weigh up to ten pounds. Getting accurate measurements is key to creating a tasty end result.

I’ve only highlighted three possibilities out of many for that blind chef in your life. There are many more amazing tools on the sites listed above. Happy shopping and happy holidays!