Inside Focus

By Brandon Smith

In this blog, I will focus inward. Inward, meaning this. I will write about L.A.B and some of the latest news.

As we start a new fiscal year here at L.A.B, we begin in a state of growth. Our obvious, and most impactful development is our acquisition of Hilburn Printing, a local printer with years of experience serving the printing needs of the community of Shreveport. With this development comes new staff, and enhanced capabilities for fulfilling customers’ needs. In short, we no longer just handle paper products.

There have been staffing changes. In the past year, we’ve expanded our staff at our low vision center, as well as hired a new Vice President of Strategic Development and Director of Community Development.

We’ve added an additional building at our Claiborne location, which will house our art department as well as assistive technology training center.

We’ve added a 3D printer at our Laser Design & Die division, which will give us greater design possibilities.

L.A.B is in a position to have a bright and successful year ahead, and an even brighter future.