L.A.B. is Life Changing

Jasmine was just 24 years old when she lost her vision. For three years, her world shriveled to the distance between her couch and her bed as she desperately tried to figure out how she would care for her two young children.

“It was depressing. I felt lonely and lost. I just felt like it was the end of the world.”

Since Jasmine entered L.A.B.’s Low Vision Rehabilitation program, her world has grown exponentially as has her confidence that she will be able to take care of her children and live a full life.

In addition to learning independent living skills, such as kitchen and mobility techniques, she is acquiring assistive technology skills with the goal of landing a job as a receptionist and someday owning her own house.

“L.A.B. really built my confidence. I’m not letting my disability stop me. I might not achieve it as fast as people who can see, but it’s going to get done.”

To start your journey toward a better life, reach out to us at 318-698-2300 or info@lablind.org.