Never give up. Never settle.

“Never give up. Never settle. Don’t stress out. Just try to find a way to handle it and deal with it.” – Gary

Gary’s journey to L.A.B. began when he noticed a black spot on his TV screen that glass cleaner wouldn’t remove.  That black spot turned out to be the beginning of macular degeneration, which robbed him of most of his vision.

At first, Gary was determined to make it on his own, but frequent falls and other mishaps led him to seek help from L.A.B.’s Community Services Center.

“Being here has taught me how to just let go and be comfortable with my situation and that there are other things out there.”

Gary says his confidence is high and he hopes to use the skills he’s gained at L.A.B. to realize his entrepreneurial dreams of opening his own business one day.

“You’re in good hands here. You’re around good people. It’s not like you have to worry as much and you can pretty much be a normal person and at times you wouldn’t even know that you had a complication with your vision because of the skills they teach you. “

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